Barcelona aren’t having the best of luck at the moment as they stumbled and struggled for three matches in a row this season. Not just three matches, but three consecutive matches in a row.

They were defending the Spanish title but failed to defend as they let the Real Madrid make sure that the race is even harder to win. They also suffered a 1 - 0 loss at their own ground this past Saturday against Atletico Madrid, and also lost to lowly Real Sociedad.

Mikel Oyarzabal’s opening goal gave them a kick up the backside and left them plenty of time to turn the game around - they had a whopping 84 minutes - but failed to do so. We guarantee that the drama in the locker room was really something as some of the worst fails were done in this game and would have given the players a lot to talk about (a lot of things to work on if they want any hope of claiming back their Spanish title). According to the betting website StanJames, they still remain firm favourites for the title, although their odds have lengthened.

Atletico are one of the nemesis teams for Barcelona, and took full advantage of Barca's poor form - their latest loss came right after Atletico defended well against Espanyol and won the game 3-1, whilst a Cristiano Ronaldo-inspired Real Madrid led his team to win a 4 to 0 victory.

Thankfully, Barca's form hasn't hit their Champions League campaign, with the club easily picking off North Londoners Arsenal, who crashed out and added to the pressure on Wenger in what has become a tough season for him. Arsenal desperately needed a good finish to the season, but fell by the wayside in all competitions, and need to win all their remaining matches if they are to have any kind of chance in obtaining the attention of Leicester, the leader of the league.

We'll see where this takes us next...