Messi’s future a huge talking point

Taking into consideration the fact that Lionel Messi is one of the most talented and highly-rated players in the history of football, anything that the Argentine superstar does will probably be talked about or find its way in the headlines of football websites.

The latest point of discussion involving Lionel Messi is involving his future as there are rumors being spread claiming that he has not extended it any further than what it’s currently stated which extends until June of 2018 and that he is ready to make his way out of Camp Nou by the near future.

Ernesto Valverde, the head coach of Barcelona appears to not be very concerned about the current situation of Lionel Messi as the Spanish coach said: "I don't know how important the photo is of Messi signing his contract He is with us, that's what we care about. He travelled here with us and we're not going to think too much further beyond that. I don't want to start using bad language, we're going to have fun with what we're doing now and forget about all the back stories."

There are reports claiming that Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City can turn into realistic destinations of Lionel Messi if he does decide to leave Camp Nou in the near future. If fans want to see him playing in Barcelona's shirt they might need to buy tickets via this link sooner rather than later!

For high-profile players such as Messi or C Ronaldo, they are continuously being linked with various clubs as potential teams that could be their upcoming squad but this is nothing more than just rumors which in the majority of cases never really come through, especially for a player that represents so much for Barcelona and has transformed the club in so many ways like Messi has been doing for years now.

It’s extremely difficult to believe that the Argentine attacker will be leaving Barcelona anytime soon.