Messi on Barcelona defeat

Barcelona striker Lionel Messi said that La Liga is more competitive than ever after his side were beaten on their home ground by Betis 4-3. He said that the match was a great one and that shows that there is more competition in La Liga nowadays.

He said that there are no small teams nowadays in La Liga and that there are no easy games anymore. He said that this will be better for the spectators as well as the competition.

He said that in the past you know you will be facing a small side and you could relax a bit on the pitch but this is no more the case. He said that his side is only one point ahead in the table and that they will have to be at their best if they want to win the title.

Lionel Messi said that the last game against Betis showed that there are other sides that are ready to put on a fight in order to win games and that they are no more afraid to play against Barcelona. He said that this will motivate his teammates to improve and to play better.

He said that the team is in a good shape and that they have to improve defensively.
“He said that you cannot expect to win a game if you concede four times on your home ground.“
He said that they will have to “analyze on the training “ ground what has not worked and how to improve it.

He said that the objective of the team is to win La Liga and to win the Champions League and that they will have to improve if they want to reach these objectives. He said that the only way forward is to work hard on the training ground.