Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi and Juventus talisman Cristiano Ronaldo are two stars that will forever remain in the history books of football because of their achievements and the contributions they have made to the sport. The two football legends are part of players that made fans fall in love with the sport and while they are growing older, people have expected them to experience a major dip in form but the reverse has been the case. They have both been able to show that anything is possible and records are only there to be smashed and broken.

They have also set some incredible records that have been deemed either impossible or extremely difficult to break and that has just been the major highlights of their illustrious and glittering trophy-laden careers. There have been a lot of debates and arguments about who the better player between Messi and Ronald is, with a typical Messi fan insisting that their favorite player has more Ballon d'Or awards than the Portuguese star, while Ronaldo fans would state that their preferred player has conquered different leagues in Europe with different clubs.

Another basis for argument has been the fact that while Ronaldo has won a major title with Portugal, Messi has not been able to do the same with Argentina. However, regardless of whether or not Messi wins a major title with Argentina, he is already a legend of football, and so is Ronaldo.

Messi recently celebrated his birthday after clocking 34 years of age and that alone is a reminder that he and Ronaldo, 36, are both nearing the tail-end of their glorious careers. It will be very difficult for fans to stop the Messi vs Ronaldo comparisons but while we can, we should continue to watch and appreciate two of football's best gifts to humanity until we can no longer watch them play.