Who will win the premier league next season?

Football fans around the world all agree that the Premier League is one of the most competitive competitions in the world of football. This is because all the teams are filled with talent and everyone is trying to the top spot in the league.

Unlike some other leagues the Premiership has more than just a couple of teams that dominate. Manchester United is probably one of the best the league has ever seen since they are often either at the top of the table or close to it. This was no different this season as they took the top spot early and never let it go.

Betting on Manchester to win next season though could be a tough decision to make as there are few things that have already changed the team for next season. The main one though is the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson and his replacement of David Moyes.

Despite Moyes being a more than capable manager replacing a manager that has been around since 1986 is always going to be a hard task. So maybe betting on one of the other teams might be a better choice as there are some seriously strong teams to bet on be it Manchester City, Chelsea or Arsenal.

Even though making the actual decision of who to bet on can be hard finding somewhere to place the bet has never been easier than today with so many online betting sites. The great thing about these websites is the fact that they are open 24/7 and can be accessed anywhere as they are also mobile phone compatible.

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